DEADPOOL #46-48 (2000-2001): Cruel Summer

This arc starts with a desperate Deadpool needing money. He takes a “reward” gig tracking down a bankrobber named Sack, who has a bottomless sack for all his stolen money.

Deadpool quickly dispatches him by shoving the crook into his own sack.

Deadpool then takes a “for hire” gig to kill six mobsters who are all standing between a cop and his affair with an ex-FBI agent who is now a stripper.

Got all that?

There’s nothing really bad about that concept–it provides for the kind of twisty story that Jimmy Palmiotti is great at, but the whole thing still feels like a funeral…

IMG_9594 (1)

…given that we’re coming off some truly brilliant Deadpool issues by Priest. The art is fine, but, like Palmiotti, Paul Chadwick simply pales in comparison to his predecessor. Chadwick is a wonderful artist–but he’s not at his best with Marvel superheroics. (Check out his creator-owned book Concrete.)

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