CAPTAIN AMERICA #111-113 (1969)


The first death of Captain America gives us the chance to see Steranko draw The Avengers. He wanted to build off the image above for a cover that would look like this:

Captain America #113 by Jim Steranko

But that cover was rejected.

Anyway, Steranko is a master of style. 

There are so many reasons to read these issues, but so many more to just look and stare and admire.

It starts with Cap training Rick Jones, who is at this time running around as Bucky.

They’re starting to bond.

Hydra’s supreme leader captures Rick.  Hydra sets a trap for Captain America at a local carnival, but Rick escapes and warns him of the plot. 

In the process of escaping, Cap sheds his uniform.

It is shredded with bullets, making the world believe he is dead.

Including Rick.

Madame Hydra offers her own origin story…

Her face really isn’t all that scarred, though. Kinda like the Kirby version of Doctor Doom, who also has a perfectly fine face.

All of issue #112 is a retrospective of Cap, told by Iron Man.  Although he appears in flashback, Cap is technically not in the issue at all.  It’s drawn by Jack Kirby.

In issue #113, it’s revealed that Cap isn’t dead. None of us really thought he was. Except maybe Rick.

And Tony.

Next comes the funeral, pictured above.

But since he’s alive, Cap takes down the Hydra cell that “killed” him.

Cap’s “death” also enables him to revive his secret identity.

And then Steranko leaves, just as quick as he came.

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