VISION #1-4 (2002)

Technically, this comic was “Icons: Vision,” but most people call it “Marvel Icons: Vision,” while still others call it “Avengers Icons: Vision.” Vision is what all those options have in common, so that’s what I’m calling it.

The series branded “Icons” were all stories about a character who typically appeared in a team book, like Thing, Nightcrawler, Tigra and…Vision. These Icons shouldn’t be confused with the Marvel Imprint called Icons, which was basically Marvel’s answer to DC’s Vertigo Comics and produced creator-owned stuff that didn’t take place in Earth 616.

Got it?

Anyway, all the Icons miniseries have a collective series tag below, if you want to check them out.

This post is about the Vision miniseries by Geoff Johns. It tells his origin story with more details than we’ve seen before. It was pretty good, but nothing all that notable to write about.

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  1. It might be the first Geoff Johns/Ivan Reis collaboration? Which I didn’t know. This the foundation to a lot of big hit comics and a collaboration that’s lasted till today.


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