INCREDIBLE HULK #420 (1994): Jim Wilson dies

We found out about a year-and-a-half ago (human time–not Marvel Comics time) that Jim Wilson, Hulk’s black friend, had AIDS. In this issue, he dies.

Peter David’s run on Hulk has been most notable for its humor. This issue is an obvious hard left turn, but it is still handled well. Peter David is a great writer.

The one thing about this episode that just didn’t make sense to me is that when Jim Wilson begs Hulk to give him an experimental treatment being created by Pantheon, Hulk says no. I actually understand that.

But then Jim asks for a blood transfusion–thinking it might cure him–Hulk refuses and it’s suggested that his decision is based on the results of the last blood transfusion he created…

…Which led to the creation of She-Hulk. Hulk feels guilty about that? Why? Jennifer Walters isn’t a raging beast and is pretty successful all around. Her Hulkness doesn’t seem to be a bad thing in her life.

Do any of you understand this? I’m seriously asking, because I trust Peter David as a writer–but this just doesn’t make sense to me. It would make sense if Hulk’s concern was that it would be unpredictable–maybe turn Jim into something horrible–but that’s not what pops into his mind. Jennifer is what pops into his mind.

Despite that, this is a very good, very emotional issue.

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