Deathlok #31-34 (1994): Series Ends

Luther Manning dies, and that’s how this book ends.

But Michael Collins Deathlok and Siege are still running around looking badass.

But first…Deathlok (Manning) admits it takes way too long for him and Siege, together, to defeat Scorpion.  We get a recap of how Michael Collins is stuck in an alternate reality after having traveled here a few times, the villain Timestream brings him back, and we even get an appearance from Justice Peace of the Time Variance Authority.

And how does Manning die?

He eats his gun.  That’s seriously close to showing a lot more than Marvel usually does when suicides happen.

Why does he kill himself?  Because, Justice Peace explains, it was the only way to finally unite the Deathlok universes and make things right in both.

Collins gets his son’s message when he returns.  No, of course it doesn’t make sense.  Time travel never does.  But it’s a pretty good final story.

I am a little disappointed that one of the few black characters to have their own comic has to die, but it is done in service to the story and there’s a good send off both for Manning and his family.  Also, the comic series was going downhill, so this way they ended it before it got really bad. Honestly, if he’d killed himself to avoid having to be in a mid-‘90s comic, that would have been a good reason. And he’s not really dead…

I mean, he is dsed but the guy who was Luther Manning in most of the appearances of him in prior comics is still alive. He’s future Luther Manning. But obviously not 616’s future Luther Manning, because present 616’s Luther Manning is dead.

Got it?

Good for you. I don’t.

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