DRACULA: LORD OF THE UNDEAD #1-3 (1998-1999)

Dracula returns to his castle home inTransylvania. (Wait, didn’t that blow up when his Tomb of Dracula comic ended?).

Once home, he sees that his castle has been looted and begins hunting down the stolen goods (specifically, a portrait of his human wife, Maria).

Meanwhile, a scientist has invented a serum that basically is like antibuse for vampires–when they suck blood, they throw up. But the side effect of the serum is that people who get bit by an immunized vampire contract a highly contagious, fatal virus. An entire town is put in quarantine.

A town locked up is a town fresh for feeding, so this is where the storylines intersect. Dracula goes to eat people in lockdown and the scientist tries to figure a cure for the virus he inadvertently created.

They meet, Dracula forces the scientist to take him to see the man who commissioned the serum, and finds Lilith. Conveniently, she also stole his stuff from his castle. Turns out, she was upset with him because she was resurrected when he was resurrected, as a result of the vampire curse, and she just wanted to stay dead.

They work through their Father/Daughter issues. Dracula destroys the factory and all recordings of how to make the serum and burns down the quarantined town–wiping out both the serum and the virus.

The story ends with Dracula amused that his desire to protect vampires from the serum also saved humanity from the virus.

This was the best Dracula series since the first volume of Tomb ended.

We needed Drac to stop COVID-19!

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