Thor #409-410 (1989)

Thor now shares a body with Eric Masterson, and is roommates with Hercules.  It’s very odd. And could have been hilarious. Unfortunately, Tom DeFalco is not a writer who does humor. He does melodrama.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doom is selling high tech weapons and robots to low-level New York criminals.  Thor and Hercules go to Latveria to fight Doom and his ‘bots, and She-Hulk helps.

In the end, of course, the three heroes win and Doom is defeated.  After he beats his own bot.

  In the closing panels, he is visited by a mysterious stranger…

…Who offers to help Doom with an “Act of Vengeance,” setting up the next story for the line-wide event tie-in.  (It’s Loki.)

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