CAPTAIN MARVEL #17-18 (2001): Jim Starlin and Thanos!

I like to think that Jim Starlin was paid tens of thousands of dollars for these two issues. He made a few Marvel books in the years 2000-2001, and he certainly deserves LOTS of money for his role in killing the original Captain Marvel, creating Adam Warlock and Shang Chi and many others–including the villain of these issues:


I so love that he came back for this story. I hope he admired the amazing work Peter David was doing on this series and decided he just had to be a part of it.

Peter David writes Thanos with his characteristic and unique ear for detail. The script is terrific.

Storywise, Thanos is still in love with Death, who is being pursued by a ridiculously powered former suitor named “He who walks across the worlds of Life and Death like a Colossus” (aka Walker). He has a badass ride:

Walker wants to kill Death for spurning him, so Death protects herself by hiding inside Rick Jones’ wife Marlo.

Poor Marlo.

Apparently, Death has been inside her ever since her miraculous return to life long ago–during Peter David’s equally wonderful run on Hulk. And Thanos has been fighting Walker all the while–even during his battle with Ka-Zar during Peter David’s excellent run on Ka-Zar. See? It all ties together.

Genis Vell, Thanos, and Rick Jones manage to save Death and kill Walker–but before he dies, he takes Rick Jones’ arm and makes him old.

Poor Rick.

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