Power Man and Iron Fist #122 (1986)


The porn issue. I say that jokingly, of course, but with a splash page and title like that, how can anyone not think of the implications?

Misty thinks her new boyfriend is a vampire (hence the title, “What’s Eating Misty?”), but it turns out he’s not.

Long story short, Misty has been seeing a new guy. Luke and Danny are upset about it.

Luke tries to scare him by being a loud, angry negro…

In the end, they’re on a boat that blows up. Misty saves Danny from drowning. CPR is performed and…

…Misty breaks up with the guy, but doesn’t get back with Danny. Very well written, and very character driven. I really enjoy reading this book, even if it’s a relatively inconsequential title that’s going to be canceled in a few issues. Nothing important, but the quality is terrific–maybe the best thing Jim Owsley ever wrote (according to an impartial list).


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