X-MEN #29-30 (1967)

Mimic just joined, and now he quits. And he’s a real dick about it.

Then the team goes out skating.

First of all, Bobby “Iceman” Drake can’t ice skate. That’s pretty funny.

Super Adaptoid attacks.

He follows Iceman home and finds the X-Men playing sports again.

Just when they’re losing…Mimic returns!

Mimic is regretfully a regular character now, and on the team (the first non-mutant to join), so I guess it makes sense to have him fight Super-Adaptoid, the dude who has all the Avengers’ powers.

That’s all #29. Then, in #30, the team meets Merlin.  Which is almost never a good thing for anyone, let alone a book being written  by Roy Thomas at his worst.

Thomas isn’t always bad, but when he’s bad, he’s BAD.

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