DAREDEVIL #24 (1967)

Parnival Plunder escapes from prison and tries to set his brother up to take a fall.

Daredevil goes on an international adventure to help Ka-Zar clear his name and go back to the Savage Land. Good art, terrible story. In particular…

colan daredevil 24

When Gene Colan drew this page, very few (if any) artists were doing this kind of panel-by-panel choreography, taking an entire page to depict a single move–in this case, flipping a bad guy over his head.

Back at home, Spider-Man writes a private letter to Matt Murdock telling him he knows he is Daredevil.

Future porn star and drug addict Karen Page opens and reads it.

This will lead Matt to do all kinds of antics to protect his secret.

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