X-MAN #5-7 (1995)

I chose not to cover the X-books during Age of Apocalypse, since they are largely “fake Earth” stories that I don’t cover on my site. But with issue #5, X-Man drops into the 616. Literally. (Actually, that happened in X-Prime–the end of Age of Apocalypse.)

And so X-Man joins the 616, and I begin coverage of his book with #5. He’s here on our Earth where he meets…

Madelyne Pryor (who will be revealed as Red Queen from another timeline).

Nate is being tracked by Blaquesmith, from the Clan Askani timeline, who is also present in the 616.

And is also hunted by trained assassins and Sugar Man (from the AoA timeline)…

Whose own hunting of Nate is interrupted by Selene.

Everybody wants X-Man because he’s so powerful.

Yeah. There’s gonna be a lot of alternate version/timeline stuff in this book. Not the biggest fan of that, but for what it is, this arc is pretty decent.

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