Defenders #117 (1983)

I’m not a huge Overmind fan, and this issue is all about him.

It starts with the funeral for Kyle Richmond–who was killed, indirectly, as a result of Overmind’s actions.

Overmind’s body is occupied by a whole bunch of beings, and in this issue there’s some kind of confusing reconciliation with all of them. There is a lot to be said for character-driven issues like this, but the problem here is that Overmind is a new character and one I’m not very fond of. Still, if you’re one of his fans, you’ll dig it.

Other developments:

Elf with a Gun kidnaps Kyle “Nighthawk” Richmond’s nurse (who looks a lot like Hellcat) and calls her toots. And he has a cosmic car.

It ends with weepy affection between the ladies–Hellcat hasn’t been digging Val lately, so this is them making up.

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