ELEKTRA #14-19 (1998): Series ends

Elektra goes to war against The Hand after they frame her for killing her own ward, Nina, and she recruits allies like Wolverine, Yukio, and Silver Samurai. Along the way, she goes to Hong Kong and beheads a fly in front of Shang Chi.

Followed by a pretty decent fight scene.

She’s there to talk to Kingpin–who is living in exile as a Hong Kong crimelord–who betrays The Hand for her.

Of course it all suits his own ends.

Following the leads, she finds Nina is both alive and now a ninja herself…

Note the dialogue: Larry Hama appears to be attempting to rewrite Elektra’s history–and the powers of The Hand–to eliminate her resurrection in Daredevil #190.

She dreams in this issue of taking Nina up the same mountain she climbed in that issue–to purify her soul.

I’m pretty sure this never went anywhere and she was in fact resurrected.

Elektra fights to save Nina from the Hand and instead bring her into the Chaste for the rest of the arc, but ultimately Nina decides not to join with Elektra. Undaunted, Elektra swears she will save Nina.

And that is how this series ends–clearly being cancelled in the middle of a story arc.

It’s a shame. This was a dependably good series.

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