X-MAN #25-29 (1997)

Issue #25 is giant-size and starts with Threnody talking with Madelyne Pryor. Threnody figures out she’s a clone…

…Something I failed to do, and therefore my Maddie Pryor character tag, below, will include both the clone and the real one. Oh well.

Jean goes looking for Pryor, sensing her presence, and they have a confrontation that is quickly squashed by X-Man. After failing to convince X-Man to join with her–and somehow stealing his telekenesis powers–Madelyne flees to join up with Sebastian Shaw and become part of the Hellfire Club inner circle.

Significantly de-powered, Nate goes to Moira MacTaggert to see if she can restore his abilities. (He still has his telepathy.). Moira tells him it’s all in his head–he still has the abilities, but he’s subconsciously suppressing them. Nate can’t seem to access the abilities, so he turns to Havok and Fatale–of the new Brotherhood–who say they can help.

They teach him how to meditate, and that restores his powers.

Once aligned with Havok, Nate helps break Aurora free from an experimental Department H prison. But he also realizes that the Brotherhood is led by Dark Beast–the evil Beast from Nate’s own Onslaught alternate reality. He runs away–suspecting them of being evil. (Dude. Their name is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. You should have known.)

I’m leaving out some of the ins-and-outs and details. It’s a solid story, but the whole Havok-in-the-Brotherhood doesn’t make sense to me. Note that he’s later revealed as a double agent, but in this very story Nate mind-reads him and finds that Havok is genuinely on Dark Beast’s side.

I’d call that a continuity glitch, or a typo.

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