ASSAULT ON ARMOR CITY: Darkhawk, Avengers West Coast, Iron Man Annuals (1992): 1st Savage Steel 3

Tony Stark took it upon himself to police all armored heroes, so Darkhawk pops up on his radar and together they fight a new Savage Steel villain, who got his armor from Stane who, in turn, stole the tech from Stark. That makes the third Savage Steel. In case you’re counting because you love the character. (In which case, I wonder about your sanity.)

Then they fight each other because of course they do.

Then, and only then, do we start on the tie-together aspect of these annuals: There’s a city (factory) building armor for A.I.M. That’s the theme.

Lots of armored characters appear. Blah blah. Nothing significant or even all that entertaining.

The heroes eventually bust it up.

There are some back-up stories. You don’t care. Trust me.

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