In which Peter David and Gary Frank recap recent issues during a therapy session with Samson.  The Doc realizes that Hulk is getting angry more often, and suspects The Pantheon may have something to do with it.  And of course he’s right.  He puts Hulk through some virtual training sessions…

…And Hulk gets more enraged.  And he doesn’t just VR-fight the Thing, he also takes on the guy who killed Superman.

Looks like Hulk is getting back to his roots.

But before Samson and Hulk can put all the pieces together, Pantheon teleports Hulk for a space mission.

Where he hooks up with Surfer to fight an army of aliens intent on taking Atlanta, of the Pantheon, as the bride of their leader.

The aliens are the Troyjans, led by a guy called Armageddon. He’ll be back.

The Starjammers help Surfer and Hulk.

Eventually, Hulk agrees to a one-on-one against their leader in an honor battle for Atlanta.

His name’s Trauma.  Hulk kills him.

And Trauma almost curses when he dies.  Then his general lets the heroes go.

Also, Rick and Marlo are planning nuptials and Betty Ross-Banner is trying to decide if she’ll keep living with them after they’re hitched.

This isn’t the last of Pantheon, but we’re getting near the end.

Note: These stories have a Future/Imperfect Universe subplot leading up to the story in #443.

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