Uncanny X-Men #268 (1990): 1st Seraph

The narrative structure of this issue is cool: In a flashback, Logan and Cap rescue Natasha–who was kidnapped by Baron Strucker.

She’s a little girl in this past story, and Logan learns about the kidnapping at a bar.

…while in the present day, Widow and Wolverine, along with Psylocke and Jubilee, fight The Hand and Andrea and Andreas Strucker.

Good story, but more suitable for the Wolverine comic than X-Men.

Widow being the captured damsel in distress in both the past and present narratives is a little tiresome. Other that that, it’s a very good read.

In the flashbacks, we get the first appearance of the bar-owning little person Seraph, who will later be revealed as an instrumental player in training Wolverine as a killer.

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