Cable gets a miniseries.  And the great JR Jr draws it. 

Lots of big guns and shooting stuff. 

The story fills in a lot of the mysterious elements of the character’s past, without revealing who his parents are.

Perhaps most important, we learn that his crew Six Pack were originally called Wild Pack but had to change the name because Silver Sable was going to sue them.

Funny joke, but it begs the question: If they were well-known enough to get sued, why don’t any of the X-Men know who Cable is?

We see him, via flashbacks, on missions in hotspots like Iran and Afghanistan with his mercenary crew, being paid by the mysterious Tolliver–the same guy who Deadpool keeps talking about in X-Force. 

Lots of action sequences with his old team Six Pack that in the end don’t amount to much more than muscles and explosions.

But if you’re gonna make comics like that, it helps to have JR Jr draw them.

During the flashback portion of the book, Cable turns on Stryfe–who is also working for Tolliver–which explains why he is now on the run and is not allied with Deadpool.

Stryfe calls him “Nathan Dayspring.”

During the big battle with Stryfe, Cable abandons the Six Pack and Garrison Kane is mortally wounded, which explains how he got his cybernetic parts.

And his new name: Weapon X.

He returns to get revenge on Cable.

In the present-day story, Stryfe and Cable mend fences, and there’s some bit about Apocalypse that I didn’t really understand. For some reason, the Mutant Liberation Front is stealing museum artifacts that resemble Apocalypse. It is not yet clear why Stryfe is allied with Apocalypse–we don’t yet know that Stryfe is a clone of Cable who was raised by Apocalypse to serve, eventually, as a human host for Apocalypse since Cable himself survived having the Legacy virus. (Apocalypse did not know Stryfe was a clone–he thought he was the real Cable, with the real Cable’s immunity.). But this scene makes it clear that they have some kind of biological relationship.

I don’t love all the mythology around Cable. A lot of it feels like noise. But this was a solid comic.

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