Spider-Man Team-Up #7 (1997): Series ends

Spider-Man helps launch the Thunderbolts in the best–and last–issue of this series so far.

Do you have to read it to understand what’s happening with Spider-Man or with Thunderbolts? No. Have you seen a lot of this before? Yes. Spider-Man is wrongly accused of a crime. The Thunderbolts try to arrest him. Although Beetle, a Spider-Man foe masquerading as Thunderbolts super-hero member Mach-1, is thrilled to go after his arch enemy, the Thunderbolts uncover the truth instead and take down the real vilains–the Enclave.

Well, that was fast. This series ends after seven issues and…It kinda deserves to. It was a bland and boring attempt to recall the fun (but much better in the rear view mirror) series Marvel Team-Up.

Speaking of which, next month a new MTU launches.

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