AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #264 (1985): 1st Red Nine

Written by Craig Anderson, who wrote only one other comic book (as far as I know) and drawn by Keith Cockrum’s wife (who must have known that’s why she got the job, and therefore was too embarassed to have her last name listed in the credits). When Marvel goes for a filler issue, they don’t kid around.

THING #19 and FANTASTIC FOUR #274 (1985)

It’s Frankenstein!  Are they gonna fight?  Nawwww….

Thing and Frankenstein are buddies

The Thing’s solo book wasn’t selling all that well, but John Byrne’s Fantastic Four was.  I’m sure that’s why Byrne, who was writing both books, had them cross-over.

It’s about Frankenstein, who ended up on Battleworld.  And also Jack Russell.

Also in this issue, the symbiote escapes.