Captain America #310 (1985): 1st Serpent Society, Asp, Rattler; Steve becomes a comic book artist


As you can tell from page one, all the snake-related bad guys have decided to form a team.  Except for Viper, who is a big honcho with Hydra, and Constrictor, who says he has better things to do—and actually rats the snakes out to Captain America, who then goes in to bust up the new society.  That leaves Sidewinder, Cobra, Black Mamba, Death Adder, Princess Python, Cottonmouth, Bushmaster, Diamondback, and Anaconda.  Who knew there were that many snake villains? And there are two new ones:

Rattler and The Asp.

Black Knight and Starfox appear earlier in the issue to help Cap while he’s training at Avengers Mansion.


Also, in his Steve Rogers guise, Cap decides to start drawing comics.  Here’s the editor who hired him:

Can you guess who that editor is?  Answer after the break!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #264 (1985): 1st Red Nine

Written by Craig Anderson, who wrote only one other comic book (as far as I know) and drawn by Keith Cockrum’s wife (who must have known that’s why she got the job, and therefore was too embarassed to have her last name listed in the credits). When Marvel goes for a filler issue, they don’t kid around.