AVENGERS #262 (1985)


As a result of Vision’s attempt to rule the world, the Avengers aren’t government sanctioned anymore and need to find another place to live.

Captain Marvel doesn’t like Detroit.

Also, they consider moving into Hydrobase where they find Sub-Mariner and Stingray and then Namor joins the team.

Meanwhile, the mad scientists called Enclave are escaping prison and they have a glowing crate.

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  1. “Many Brave Hearts…..”- one of my all-time favorite stand-alone Marvel Comics-literate, intelligent Roger Stern script, flawless Buscema-Palmer artwork, and a good, old-fashioned Marvel Comics knock-down, dragout between two of Marvel’s greatest bruisers! Stern’s genius is best reflected in the quiet scenes at Avengers Mansion while they deliberate on where they are going to relocate. This is the Marvel Formula at it’s purest form. You don’t see this anywhere else- DC Comics are a pale imitation, at best. ( although the early-Eighties “New Teen Titans” comics came pretty close ) I love John Buscema’s rendition of Captain America- the way Buscema draws Cap, you get the impression that nothing can rattle him. ( although Cap’s captivity at the hands of the Masters of Evil in just over a year later from this story was pretty harrowing ) Captain Marvel’s private thoughts reflect levels of depth and intelligence that is reassuring, because, after all, Captain Marvel is, technically, a Claremont ( type ) Chick, and the thought of anyone of less than CM’s maturity and intelligence wielding her levels of power is as frightening as being held captive by the Masters of Evil. Just in case Mr. Ekko, or anyone else reading this post doesn’t get the joke, Captain Marvel’s thought about Detroit is a sly reference to how the Justice League wound up in a Detroit bunker the previous year when Aquaman imprudently disbanded the League in a fit of pique. ( fortunately, that situation was short-lived ) Hercules demonstrates a depth of character himself in this issue when he picks a fight with the deposed former Prince Namor in order to pull the dispirited Sub-Mariner out of his funk. Of course, Hercules’ go-to solution for almost all his problems is to pick a fight with someone! That’s because he’s GOOOOOOOOD at it! The inclusion of the Stingray in this story only cements it’s perfection- the Stingray is a great character who adds fun to every story he appears in, and always makes me wonder whenever I finish reading one of his adventures why I didn’t go into marine biology! ( not possessing the ‘Stingray’ technology, I would undoubtedly drown myself, so it’s just as well ) Finally, I will conclude by pointing out that the Buscema-Palmer team does the Wasp’s ass a tremendous favor! She could crack walnuts with those cheeks! In the “characters” section above, the Wasp is described as being “Janet Van Dyne-Pym”-now, it’s been almost forty years since I read those Shooter ‘Avengers’ issues, but I’m pretty sure that, long by issue#262, Jan had divorced Hank! Just sayin’! Pax!


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