X-FORCE ANNUAL #2 (1993)

The theme of the 1993 annuals is “introducing new stupid characters who will rarely or never be seen again.” I mean, that’s not the formal theme. But it’s what happened.

But X-Force Annual #2 was an exception. It introduced X-Treme, who would be a castmember for a few years. His powers are augmented strength and agility, and the power to oxygenate blood–i.e., set fire to your blood while it is in your veins.

That’s pretty damn gruesome.

He’s a lab baby made from the DNA of Cyclops’ mother and a former Shi’Ar emperor. So, he’s half alien and half related to the Summers brothers.

X-Force helps him break free from an evil human scientist and offers to let him join them, but he declines–so at the ending of the annual, he is at large and a friend of X-Force.

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