CABLE #88-95 (2000-2001)

Robert Weinberg’s run on Cable continues. Cable gets all “what’s my purpose in life” as he visits Dr. Moira MacTaggert’s grave, and quits the X-Men. That’s good for them because they don’t have to be dragged into a subpar storyline.

A group called The Dark Sisterhood emerge and guess what? They have future prophecies because they’re psychic! They want to kill or enslave all men and make Earth a planet ruled by women, hate mutants, etc. The whole thing is told with heavy writing. Like this:

Over the course of seven issues, the Sisters target Cable and Rachel Summers, who evaded their future-seeing because they are present only due to disruptions in timelines. Cable knows they’re after him because of news alerts.

Lots of stuff about how the Sisterhood has embedded themselves in the government, and a big “blow stuff up” ending featuring SHIELD.

According to Dean Koontz, Weinberg is one of the best comic book writers of all time. Of course, Koontz is a novelist, not a comic writer. This isn’t TERRIBLE, but it’s far from being close to the “best.” It’s pretty standard fare for Cable.

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