Marvel Comics Presents #53-56 (1990): Stingray

A Stingray solo story.  The character first appeared in old Sub-Mariner comics and recently helped out the Avengers a few times, but other than an anthology book, this is really the only way we’re gonna learn about him.  Also, Tiger Shark.  I always love me some Tiger Shark.

A Guardsman tracks down Stingray, who is married to Tiger Shark’s human sister, and tells them that Tiger Shark is sick and dying as a prisoner in The Vault.  Of course, Tiger Shark wasn’t really sick.  He was pretending to be infirm so that he could escape punishment and kidnap his own sister.
She’s the girl-in-need-of-rescue.  You can fill in the rest.
Nice to see two underused characters, and a pretty good story.

There is a shark punch as well.

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