Ms. Marvel #2-4 (1977)

This issue starts with AIM taking interest in Ms. Marvel. They believe that her costume is the source of her power.

Carol Danvers, having lunch with Mary Jane Watson, explains that way back in Captain Marvel #1, she learned that NASA was up to some bad stuff so she wrote a tell-all book that ended her career in government security but enabled her to start Woman Magazine. It’s not very clear how the two of them got to be friends.  There’s a lot of crossover with Spider-Man’s side characters in this book—but no actual meeting with Spidey himself.  That’s kind of cool.

In these issues, Carol figures out that she’s Ms. Marvel and stops having lost time/blackouts whenever she transforms into the hero.  I wish they’d kept that going longer—I thought it was a pretty cool twist.

She fights a guy called Destructor.

She uses the science of water pressure to defeat him. Which is ironic, because Destructor himself is an AIM scientist who helps restore a second armored villain faced by Ms. Marvel in these issues…

… when AIM decides to revive Scorpion, who Ms. Marvel defeated once already. AIM’s “power up” for Scorpion makes him nuts. He breaks all their AIM stuff, goes looking for Ms. M, finds her, and she kicks his ass again.

And then she fights another armored guy, when Destructor hides in an old Kree outpost…

Doomsday Man, a robot we haven’t seen since Silver Surfer #13.

She kicks his ass.

Gerry Conway (script #2), Chris Claremont (script #3-4), John Buscema (art #2, 3), Jim Mooney (art #4)

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