It’s not canon. It’s ridiculous (if these two really battled, it wouldn’t even be close). But it’s so awesome. It starts with 15 pages of Superman fighting Luthor. Then a whole adventure of Spider-Man defeating Doctor Octopus. And then, after a full comic worth of content…

…They are imprisoned together. No explanation for how their universes coexist. In fact, they know each other.

OK, so what? This is just for fun, and at least the villains are together now. Luthor has an electronics kit and Octopus still has his arms (worst jail EVER), and the escape comes easy.

Then, MJ, LL, and Peter Parker meet at a press event, and are joined by Superman.

Man this is a slow build! When they finally meet, they technically fight…

…But it doesn’t last long before they join forces to defeat their foes. And technically, Superman never even punches Spider-Man.

This book was printed on giant-size paper and was just terrific to read as a kid. It was awesome.

Note: Awesome. Not particularly good. But nobody read this for the content, it was for the event.

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