Fantastic Four Annual #17 (1983)

A nondescript cover for a really fun issue.

This is the one where we learn that the first skrulls to come in contact with Earth (way back in Kirby and Lee’s FF #2) have been living as cows, and their milk has been mutating the local townspeople.  Nice that these people shop locally!

The FF find out and stop the skrulls from controlling the town.

It’s a great little tale–and these four skrulls will eventually become the Skrull Kill Krew–and part of what makes it great are the low stakes: One town. The universe isn’t about to end, or even Earth. Just a town. Real people, relatable threat.

There’s a minor bondage scene when Johnny finds his girlfriend being force-fed skrull milk.

This is the story that leads to Grant Morrison’s Skull Kill Krew book, which was…Not his best work.

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  1. Two points: 1) Contrary to Mr.Ekko’s opening point, this issue is NOT the first place where we learn the fate of the three Skrulls from ‘FF’#2- that would have been- the actual conclusion of……..’FF’#2, where we are shown that Mr. F has hypnotized the Skrulls into turning themselves into/believing themselves to be cows! This denouement was testament to the sheer genius of Stan Lee’s super-fertile imagination, even as far back as ‘FF’#2! Actually, most great ideas have their roots in some kind of inspiration, and I am 95% certain that was the case here, as well. So- I wonder where/how Stan got the idea for this masterstroke of genius?? 2) The bondage scene involving the unfortunate ( in more ways than one ) Miss Selleck could have been more interesting if only the poor dear just weren’t so Jane Hathaway homely! Snaps to the Master Byrne, though, for giving us a major female comic-book character who ISN’T a goddanged supermodel!!! What a revolutionary move!! In years to come, Byrne would respond in interviews that the creation of Miss Selleck was in direct, deliberate response to the egregious imbalance in comic-books of beautiful-to-ugly women! Good for Byrne! However, as a major consumer of comic-books, I will clarify that I am happy with the imbalance as it stands- even though in the real world, the ratio of ugly-to-beautiful women hovers around one-to-a-thousand, I prefer that ratio as it stands in the Marvel/DC worlds, which is undoubtedly why I have chosen to spend my life there! Word up!! P.S. Where IS Sharon Selleck in the Marvel scheme of things these days-??? I hope she didn’t just ugly away on us!!


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