GHOST RIDER #13-15 (1991): Johnny Blaze returns

A strangely nondescript cover for an issue with a very important return: The original Ghost Rider!

Johnny Blaze is back, and he’s different. When we last saw him, he was “cured” of the Zarathos possession and went on to the happily ever after…Until news reports about a new Ghost Rider spurred him into action.

We see him hunting Danny Ketch, believing that Zarathos has broken his word and returned to Earth.

Blaze is now kind of like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2: He’s got weapons and magic training, waiting and ready for the return of Ghost Rider. He catches up to the new Ghost Rider, shoots him with a hellfire shotgun, but finds that the binding spells designed for Zarathos don’t work on this new being.

They weaken, but don’t subdue him.

Meanwhile, the new G.R.’s nemeses Deathwatch and Blackout are also hunting him, along with a new character called Snowblind.

He won’t be a major player. Just a few more appearances for him.

Everyone comes together, big fight, and Blaze is finally convinced that the new Ghost Rider isn’t Zarathos when he says he “doesn’t kill” (even though Blaze’s Ghost Rider never killed either).

Nice re-introduction of Johnny Blaze, and we’re promised a miniseries soon that will focus on him.  It’s too bad there are so many gun-toting Marvel characters in every comic every month, because it kind of dilutes this nice shift for an old favorite.

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