DEATHLOK #1 (1991)

Here’s a character who is tailor-made for the 1990s: Deathlok.  He’s got a gruesome appearance (like Ghost Rider), he’s a tough guy willing to kill who likes kids (like Wolverine), and he’s got giant guns (like Punisher). And a red costume (like Spider-Man).

The new, African American version of Deathlok just had a very well-done, prestige format miniseries by these same creators. Now, he’s got a series.

Story-wise, the first issue re-tells his origin and introduces the Warwolf, another cyber-killer made by Cybertek, as an example of how bad these dudes are. The creature won’t be seen again.

The miniseries did close to the same thing, better, but this is a solid read if you’ve never read the mini and are up for getting it all distilled into one issue.

Nice corner box.

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