Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #6-7 (1992)

Sable’s Wild Pack teams up with Deathlok when someone steals the Statue of Liberty.



SHIELD brings in agent Deathlok and the government hires Silver Sable—a leader of a foreign country—to manage this domestic threat.

This is so, so, soooooooooooo dumb.

The thief is a sexy cyborg named Cathode who has her own private army. She looks like a porn Matrix character.

Turns out, she also wants to steal Deathlok.

Thankfully, this villain is defeated and we never see her again.

Note: From here, we go directly into Deathlok #17 where Silver Sable helps him find the remains of his human body.

There’s also a subplot where Paladin, who is employed by Sable, fights Hydra in South America.

The art in #6 is credited to Steve Carr and Deryl Skelton as “Kirk Wood Studios.”

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