Marvel Two-In-One #85 (1982): Bill Foster cured

Hm.  Bill Foster has been dying for what amounted in the 1980s a very long time, with six issues of Marvel Two-In-One having the matter serve as part of the ongoing plot.  But on the cover, his “final fate” gets less than 25% of the space.

But when Captain Marvel dies, he gets an oversized, expensive graphic novel?

Hm.  Is that racism I smell?

Still, there’s several pages dedicated to teary goodbyes.  

Then Atom Smasher–the guy who gave Foster cancer in the first place–returns. Only it’s his brother. Which is completely irrelevant to the story. Plus, he dies. So I’m not creating a new Atom Smasher character tag. I’m using the same one.

And, in the end, a twist: Due to a transfusion from Spider-Woman, Foster is cured!

He doesn’t die after all!  

The second twist: Spider-Woman loses her “immunity factor” that makes her immune to poisons—a power that most people had no idea she possessed in the first place.

So, no, I didn’t smell racism.  False alarm.

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