MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #74 (1991): Constrictor, Human Torch and Iceman

Issue #74 has two solo stories, and they’re both kind of interesting–a rarity for this very sub-par publication. 

First, Constrictor gets the spotlight as we see a story of what he was like before he became a super-villain with adamantium coils.  Hint: He was an abused kid.  Yeah, that’s a pretty generic origin, but in this story he gets revenge on his perpetrators and the art is pretty good.  Extra points for a feature on (a) a villain and (b) someone we don’t see too often.  This is really what an anthology is designed for. Created by the Scotts Lobdell and McDaniel. 

The second story in issue #74 is a Human Torch and Iceman team up.  Because they’ve got opposite powers, see? 

The whole thing takes place as they fight their way through a Hydra base’s defenses to defuse a bomb on a 10-second timer. Each page represents one second. 

Nice narrative device.  Created by Dan Mishkin and Joe Staton. 

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