Moon Knight #24 (1982)

Another solid crime-in-the-city story. 

This time, it’s the return of Stained Glass Scarlet, who uses a crossbow to kill mobsters.  And signs her killings with an “S.”

That’s definitely supposed to bring to mind Superman’s chest “S,” right?

It’s an issue that wrestles with the ambivalence of stopping a fellow vigilante—much as Daredevil often has issues with Punisher, except that Moon Knight walks the line of hardcore violence and deadly outcomes much more often than DD.

The art continues to be the biggest selling point of this book, but Moench’s scripting and plotting are also top notch. (I love how Sienkiewicz outlines Moon Knight’s mouth under his mask, above.). Moench provides extended meditations on the meaning of justice and the value of a soldier who is above the law…

It isn’t really clear to me why Moon Knight feels it is so important to stop Scarlet, other than that Moon Knight avoids killing–which is the same line between Punisher and Daredevil.

So, yeah, similar themes but handled differently enough that it makes for compelling reading.

The cover of this one is a classic–much reproduced, much admired.

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