IRON MAN #129 (1979)

In the aftermath of “Demon in a Bottle” we get a pallet-cleansing done-in-one.

Michelinie still writes it, but Romita and Layton take the issue off. Stark reverses the damage Nick Fury did by buying controlling shares in Stark International by threatening to quit.  In a moment of pro-corporate sentimentality, his entire R&D section agree to resign as well, so Fury has to give up control.

Nick Fury is a “villain” in this story. Or is he? Tony Stark had a full alcoholic breakdown and lost control of his armor, which is a deadly weapon. Is he really responsible enough to be a munitions maker?

The creators are listed as: David Michilinie (plot), D. Minds (script), Sal Buscema (pencils), and M. Hands (Inks).  On the letter page for #135, we get the real story:

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