Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #15-19 (1990): Apogee of Disaster

In 1990, we started seeing every story appear in 5-issue installments with a title.  This one is “Apogee of Disaster.”  Did you ever think you’d read a comic with the word “apogee” on the cover?

Nick Fury get the Fantastic Four to lend them a spaceship to fight an alien threat.  Nice public/private partnership there, with the government’s elite agency needing to borrow a rocket from the private sector.  No mention whether Reed Richards gets reimbursed for it, or has to bid on a government contract.  Although seeing Fury try to negotiate the complex and frustrating process of government contracting to secure essential equipment, while ensuing minority-owned and veteran-owned companies have appropriate seats at the table, would have been less boring than this comic..

This book is just terrible.

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