DAREDEVIL #242 (1987)

Titled, “Caviar Killer,” this issue features a working stiff who force-feeds a rich dude caviar until he chokes to death. 


Once he gets a taste for it, he kills more reach people until Daredevil stops him.  And there’s a cult that follows him.

It’s a fairly simple tale, but it’s done well.  Nocenti’s scripts are a little wordy—and often a bit preachy—but they’re so vastly different from any prior writer’s vision of Daredevil that it makes for interesting reading.  Well…Maybe not from “any” prior writer–this plot, at a minimum, is reminiscent of the kind of things Steve Gerber would do.

Keith Pollard’s art is a little too “clean” for a streetfighter. Not loving it here.


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