Fantastic Four #265 (1984): She-Hulk joins

This hugely important issue starts with a hugely UNimportant, but fun, sequence of The Trapster trying to break into the Baxter Building and being foiled by a maze of robotic defenses.

What’s really cool is that the cover has a mysterious figure entering the building, and the Trapster story starts without the reader knowing who he is. But it’s a fake-out—the cover guest is (obviously) not Trapsterit’s She-Hulk, who joins the team on this issue to replace Thing while he’s out galavanting on Battleworld after the Secret Wars.


The Trapster part of this is also cool because it shows something that happened while the FF was away at the Secret Wars, and it’s partly told from the perspective of the Building itself—from its defense cameras and systems.  Among other things, this issue introduces Roberta, the robot receptionist.

A few Avengers guest appear as the Fantastics return home from Secret Wars, but obviously this is the shot everyone wants to see…


And Sue doesn’t know that Shulk is a team-member yet, or that Ben Grimm decided to stay behind on the Beyonder’s planet, where he was able to change from human-to-rocky at will.

Such a great way to tie into a miniseries.

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