NEW X-MEN #128-130 (2002): 1st Fantomex, E.V.A.+Darkstar dies

The world now knows Professor X, the globally renowned advocate for mutants, is a mutant himself. He expands his X-Corporation offices to France, offering sanctuary for that country’s mutants, and there are anti-mutant riots in the streets. Meanwhile, Professor X learns that the Phoenix Force is back in Jean Grey’s body and he communicates with it via his telepathy.

But what really matters in this story is the introduction of the best French mutant: Fantomex (and his supercomputer mutant friend, E.V.A.).

He is being pursued by French soldiers. While some X-Men are trying to help with a mysterious mutant free in the French subway, Fantomex shows up in the X-Corporation building and seeks help from Charles.

He tells X that, because he stole something, a creature called Weapon XII is loose in the train system–and that the X-Men are probably already dead. Fantomex then goes into the tunnel to help and kills the monster.

Weapon XII possesses others and transforms them into zombies that do its bidding–and once these people are taken, they cannot return. Unlike the X-Men, Fantomex has no compunctions killing these victims.

One of whom was Darkstar.

The big reveal in the end is that Fantomex isn’t a mutant and isn’t a thief–he is a prototype (Weapon XIII) who refused to participate in a “build a better soldier” program.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Emma Frost is seducing Cyclops.

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