HULK #44 (2002)

This issue starts with a check-in on “Home Base”–the clandestine group behind the last attack on Hulk. We learn that their spy codenamed “Mr. Blue” (who recently betrayed them) had a camera and tracker installed in her eye–but it has stopped functioning. So they have implanted a new one in Doc Samson.

Samson is tracking Banner and locates him, seemingly leading Home Base right to him. But Samson figures out that they have put a camera in his eye and solves it by wearing an eye patch–and he provided a false location. This enables Banner to flee.

Due to his failure to successfully manage Samson as an asset, “Agent S-2” is killed and replaced by a female operative. She will be revealed to be Betty Ross. (And the leader of Home Base will ultimately be revealed as The Leader.)

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