SILVER SURFER #101-109 (1995): Death of Galactus

Silver Surfer returns to Zenn-La to find that Shalla Bal has a new lover…His own brother! But don’t worry, the whole thing is an hallucination created by Galactus to distract Silver Surfer from the fact that Zenn-La was actually destroyed by the alien race The Other. When Surfer learns the truth, he begs Galactus to take away his powers and let him stay in the fantasy, but Galactus’ Air-Walker herald tells Surfer he is too important and has too much good to do to give up his powers.

Meanwhile, Tyrant stalks Galactus, and has enslaved his former herald, Morg.

This leads to an extended arc where Silver Surfer is kind of a guest in his own series–the real story is about Tyrant trying to kill Galactus, and Morg eventually turning on Tyrant and getting his hands on the Ultimate Nullifier.

Morg defends Galactus and cuts a mustache-scar above his lip. He then tortures Tyrant.

Meanwhile, Surfer recruits help from the likes of Legacy (Genis-Vell) and Doctor Doom (which doesn’t go well, of course), in an attempt to reduce the collateral damage of the battle.

When Surfer finally arrives on the scene, Morg has cut off Tyrant’s lower body and arms.


And then Tyrant uses the ultimate nullifier himself, on Galactus, and kills all three super-beings, and Air-Walker.

I would have thought that the death of Galactus would have at least warranted a cover tag line. But I guess at this point Marvel had completely given up? I wish I could stay this story was as good as it needed to be to justify killing Galactus but it isn’t. It feels…Flat.

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