AVENGERS #243 (1984): 1st West Coast Avengers

The main Avengers are gone to Battleworld so Vision steps up and holds a press conference to assure the world he’s in control.  This is part of a gradual progression of his character; he’s flirting with the idea of absolute power, to end war by controlling humanity and eliminating its ability to harm itself.


Also in this issue: There’s some little stories about the teammembers who Beyonder wasn’t interested in. Scarlet Witch, e.g., stops a building fire.

And Starfox charms a hostage-taking bank robber.

These little interactions were what made ’80s comics so much fun.

Then the heroes return and Vision literally takes control by becoming the new team leader–at Wasp’s invitation.

Cap doesn’t even fight him for it. You know what they say, when good men step aside…

His first act is immediately shunting Hawkeye and a few others off to California to form the West Coast Avengers.

He’s working more closely with ISAAC than with the people he’s known for decades of comics.

Also, the creative team talks about sports in the question of the month on the letter column, which I’m tagging as a Bullpen Bulletin because it’s more of that kind of item than a letter.

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