AVENGERS #27/442 (2000)

In a 100-page issue, to rehabilitate the team’s faltering public image (due largely to setups and fake news planted by the cult Triune Understanding), Iron Man changeths the order of The Avengers.

It starts with several members resigning because they are not able to effective with all the public protests and bad press. Wonder Man feels guilty, but he also wants to quit.

As noted in that promo box, it’s actually good news–because Avengers Two is a solid, fun story.

Justice and Firestar quit to go spend time together and plan their wedding.

The anti-Avengers protests include a complaint that The Avengers should have more black people, but none of the black heroes they know want to get on the team simply as a result of a quota-based affirmative program.  So, writer Kurt Busiek resorts to nepotism…And allows Triathalon to join. 

And so, the lineup…

avengers 442 triathalon

Gee, I wonder how Triathalon got on the team?  Oh, I know, because Kurt Busiek created him!

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