DEFENDERS #116 (1983): All romance issue

The romance issue!

Does anyone remember that time Val and Sub-Mariner had a fling?

This issue is a rest break, allowing the heroes to come home after some long adventures.

It’s all character–Overmind, who is still living at Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, takes Strange on an astral journey to visit with his teammates to convince him that there is still love in the world.  Strange is lamenting the loss of his girlfriend, Clea, which happened in his own solo book.  It’s interesting to see a team book spend a full story exploring events from a solo book.  Usually, that’s the other way around (if it’s done at all).

The result is a series of vignettes about the characters who are associated with The Defenders.

Beast with his girlfriend.


And we see Gargoyle’s romance with Dolly (remember, inside his demon body, he’s an old man).

It’s very sweet.

Most of the team have good relationships going on, but it’s worth noting that Daimon is all into Hellcat, but Patsy ain’t having any of it.

I like quiet stories like this.

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