Uncanny X-Men #309 (1994)

A flashback issue about the first time Magneto and Professor X met, and how X had a girlfriend who looked exactly like Jean Grey.   He met her right after he lost the use of his legs–she was a nurse who helped him.

But she disagreed with his world views and his goal of creating a mutant academy, so he broke up with him.

And he basically raped her.

He does seem to regret it later.  And to be fair, it doesn’t explicitly say he used his powers to force her sexually, only to stop her from leaving him.  But that’s probably just comic book code for sex and, even if it isn’t, I’m not sure that’s a distinction with a meaningful difference.

The woman looks a lot like Jean Grey, and X apologizes to her, too, in this issue–for not being supporting of her wedding to Scott.

There have been a few creepy Uncanny issues where Xavier seemed to have the hots for Jean, so this basically just validates that–he raped a look-a-like and was jealous of Cyclops for marrying her.

Lots of introspection in this issue, as Professor Xavier also goes over his relationship with Magneto.

Some strong, quiet character work–a welcome respite from the storm of constant overmuscled battle in the mid”90s.

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