WOLVERINE #133-138 (1999): The Great Escape; Erik Larsen run begins

Erik Larsen’s run starts with Logan and Carol Danvers getting drunk and fighting Powerhouse. But at the end of the fight an alien named Aria possesses Wolverine…For all the right reasons. She has managed to escape a prison planet owned by The Collector, and her goal is to get Wolverine to come and free his entire collection.

But first, she makes Wolverine fight a whole bunch of NYC heroes, including the NYPD.

Just to see if he can do it. It’s fun. Just a whole issue of fighting. Then it’s off to space to take on The Collector. The Starjammers are involved, but the real twist comes when Galactus arrives to eat the planet.

In order to stop him, Aria possesses Galactus. She successfully drives him off, but the effort kills her–leaving Wolverine free to leave with the Starjammers.

Fun little story.

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