GAMBIT #1-3 (1999)

I can’t keep track of Gambit’s status, but I guess he’s still not with the X-Men and he’s still a thief, except for when he is with them and isn’t a thief.

In this comic, he’s a thief.

He’s hired by Courier (from Deadpool) who is working as an agent of a guy called “New Son” to steal some stuff from Dr. MacTaggert…And he actually does it. But he’s also spying on Courier to find out who this New Son guy is. (He’ll basically end up being an alternate reality Gambit, which is…Ugh.)

Meanwhile, he’s hunted by X-Cutioner.

Other than using spitted-out gum as a weapon, nothing about this comic interests me at all, but if you’re into Gambit as a character these three issues have a lot of set up for things to come.

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