Doctor Strange: The Flight of Bones #1-4 (1999)

The Doc hasn’t been a title character since 1996, so if you’re a fan, you probably really wanted to see him get featured.

Surprisingly, it was by a writer new to Marvel and it came out under the Marvel Knights imprint.

It’s a murder mystery of sorts–several people are killed during a series of robberies, with their causes of deaths being “spontaneous combustion.” Dormammu ends up being the big bad; the demon accesses a mutant named Jonathon White who has the power to access mystical energy. White becomes a cult leader, but is defeated in the end. I don’t think he ever returns.

It’s unusually dark for Doctor Strange, a tone that is both appropriate for the character and clearly influenced by DC’s successful and greatly admired Hellblazer book.

I think it probably would have been better overall if there had been one artist. Art chores change throughout, which changes the tone of the book.

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