It starts with the cover, which tells you that this will be an unusual comic.  It will break the fourth wall.  It will be funny.  At a time when Marvel was about to hit it’s biggest creative downturn in history, and start focusing on overmuscled characters in overserious stories, John Byrne returns and focuses on a character that nearly every other writer to that point simply couldn’t get right. Byrne understood her in Fantastic Four, and continues to do a pretty good job with her in this books–at least at the beginning. Sadly, it will be a little too joke-y and high concept, and that will be the comic’s downfall.

He begins by pitting her against some of the silliest villains in the Marvel rogues gallery: The Headmen (a Steve Gerber creation) and Ringmaster’s Circus of Crime

It all starts because Shulk is exercising at a local circus…

…when Ringmaster appears and does his signature hypnotism bit.

He puts white flesh makeup on her and turns her into a circus freak for a bit.

And yells at Clown.

Of course, She Hulk eventually breaks free of the trance and trounces the criminals.  Largely due to the interference of a mystery man who is revealed at the end of the issue to be Chondu the Mystic, who says that the Headmen have an interest in She-Hulk.

The cover has inspired others…

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