INCREDIBLE HULK #115-117 (1969)

The Leader returrns from “the dead” and tries to start World War Three.

Hulk is in the Army’s custody, and Leader creates a super-prison to hold him, out of the goodness of his heart.

The prison adapts against Hulk.

Herb Trimpe would draw Hulk for many, many years and issues–but this is the first issue of the run where I feel like his distinctive style really emerged.  Look at this full-pager…

It’s got that “blocky,” bulky look that Trimpe made famous, but look at Hulk’s hands, clenched together.  There’s no regard for looking “real”–it’s pure style.  Not many people could draw like Trimpe.  And I know it’s not for everyone, but for me, it worked well on Hulk.

Of course Leader is a bad dude. And only Betty figures that out. So she frees Hulk. Hulk reverts to Banner and saves the world from Leader’s nuclear ambitions.

Also, I had to include this.  Banner is a radiation scientist, but apparently he can just walk up to a supercomputer and reprogram it without knowing shit about it.  Science!

But one of the bombs is still launched. Hulk pulls a Bucky…

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